Feature Piece of Jewelry
Reflections Jewelry
by Georgia Lang Weithe

About My Work

My jewelry is a language. It speaks of beauty, hope, serenity, tenderness, and other qualities of the heart. I believe if we are drawn to a work of art, it’s because it reflects something we are looking for in our own lives, and that gazing at it can help us feel balanced. I combine the qualities of inner light with the play of light bouncing off metal, and transform gold, silver, pewter, gems, stones, shells, pearls, beads and insect wings into soft, delicate shapes which evoke some of nature’s gentlest images: waves, wings, seeds, moonbeams. The materials are hammered, cast, fabricated and formed, and often the spirit of the work is reflected in its name. The jewelry I make doesn’t reflect current trends, but rather deep currents of meaning I am searching for in my life.

Each of my pieces is handmade, and begins with a pattern applied to a piece of sheet metal, which I then cut out with a jeweler’s saw; all of the metal elements in my work are made by me and not bought. I trained in Germany in the art of metalsmithing, and learned to fabricate and forge metal. Fabrication includes the processes of cutting, bending and assembling pieces. The forging process involves using localized force with special hammers. I work almost exclusively with precious metals, primarily sterling silver but occasionally gold. I will also incorporate brass or copper into my work from time to time. I have begun to work occasionally with fine silver. Fine silver is pure silver as opposed to sterling silver, which is 92.5% silver and the rest is another metal, usually copper, that is added to increase its hardness.

My creations are a reflection of the inspiration I find within, and the beauty that surrounds me. The designs come from a deep place in me, and I hope they speak to a deep place in others.

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